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Car Exhaust

If you're looking to create custom exhaust systems for your car, contact HBW Fabrication. We are located in Montreal.

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Custom car exhaust design and manufacturing in Montreal

If you want a high-performance, custom-built exhaust system for your car, look no further than our welding company. With over 10 years of experience in building custom metal structures, we are the professionals you need to design a tailor-made silencer that suits the specific features of your vehicle.

Together with manufacturing car exhausts, we also have extensive expertise in creating roll bars for racing cars. Let us know about your sports exhaust requirements, and we will provide customized solutions.

Get the perfect exhaust for your car with our welding service

Car Exhaust Montreal
Nos Services
  • Mobile welding
  • Roll bar fabrication
  • Custom metal manufacturing
  • Car exhaust manufacturing
  • Sanitary welding
Our strengths
  • High-quality welding
  • Custom manufacturing
  • Local service
  • Welding expertise
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Professional welders to create your car exhausts

We provide a mobile welding service that specializes in creating custom exhausts for cars. Our team of professional welders will guide you in selecting a high-performance exhaust that will enhance your vehicle's power, efficiency, and sound. With our expertise in creating made-to-measure metal parts, you can trust us to meet all of your expectations.

In addition to customizing car exhausts, we are experts in sanitary welding and cater to customers in the food and pharmaceutical industries in and around Montreal.

Choose custom exhaust systems made in our welding shop in Montreal

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